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Roasting Bags

Oven bags seal in flavour and goodness as you cook virtually any food in a conventional or microwave oven.

Oven bags produce moist, full-flavoured meat, fresh, tasty vegetables and even scrumptious bread. With the further benefits of reduced mess, locking in flavour and saving on energy, as cooking times are reduced by up to 10%.

Oven bags can be used in the oven, microwave — or freezer and ensure healthier cooking with no added oil or fat being required. Meat cooked in an oven bag self-bastes and stays succulent.

They are available in medium, large, giant sizes dependent upon what you are cooking

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Microwave bags

These can be used to cook frozen and fresh vegetables as well as fish in a matter of minutes. These bags lock in flavour and the steam generated during the cooking process vents through small perforations in the top side keeping vegetables firm, fresh and vibrant

Size 25X30cm , 9.8X11.8’’

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Slow cooker liners

One size liner to suit most sizes of slow cookers . They keep the inner bowl like new and greatly reduce the washing up time. The liner also helps to lock in the flavour of meat and vegetables

Size 30X55cm , 11.8X21.65’’

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BBQ bags

These bags can be used on charcoal or gas barbeques with the lids up or off. Made from a combination of foil and high temperature resistant film the bags can be used to cook non meat foods alongside meat avoiding any cross contamination and for anything that requires cooking in a sauce

Size 21X30cm, 8.3X11.8’’

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Toaster Bags

Create perfectly toasted sandwiches in a normal toaster with these reusable toasting bags. The bags can be washed and reused up to 40 times and are dishwasher proof

Size 16X16.5cm , 6.3X6.5’’

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